Our Practice

Environmental Law Consultations.
On the side of respect.

The law firm of Marino Ferro specialises, among other things, in environmental law. This branch of law regulates several aspects, some of which are already regulated by other areas of the law. This requires a particular general knowledge of the sector. For this reason, Marino Ferro is often chosen for the protection of disputes that have as their subject the environment and the work connected to it. The firm receives by appointment for environmental law; it also deals with civil, criminal and commercial law. You can contact your lawyer to ask for prior information and to obtain preliminary information about your rights and obligations. The lawyer is available for clarification and estimates. In this way, the customer is put in a position to make the necessary assessments in the choice of possible legal assistance.

At the service of the individual

Marino Ferro works to ensure that the rights of the individual are respected at all times. For this reason, we are available to provide advice even for more complex cases, such as precautionary and emergency measures, in addition to arbitration and corporate disputes.

The Practice Team

The law firm is inspired by the collaboration of several competent and competent lawyers and consultants, ready to offer targeted assistance activities in the most diverse areas of law. The staff working around the studio of Udine is able to guarantee with care and professionalism a personalized advice based on the individual case.
To request advice on environmental or criminal law please fill in the contact form. You will be contacted as soon as possible to arrange an appointment on site.
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