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Marino Ferro offers targeted consultancy activities in commercial, civil, criminal and environmental law. The Firm is able to assist both private individuals, who have experienced a violation of their rights, and companies and commercial activities that intend to protect their work. The practice works precisely and offers availability throughout Udine and the province.

Commercial Law

Born for the protection of the individual, business and consortia, commercial law is specialized in the study of entrepreneurial activity and in the workings of enterprise. 

This branch of law covers many aspects of private law, but analyses them from a different point of view, namely that of the entrepreneur. Commercial law governs the relationship between production and exchange of wealth.

Civil Law

Civil law comprises a set of rules and laws governing the relationship between private individuals and contains family law, rights, inheritance, and civil liability in general.

Its application is in the regulation of different types of disputes concerning the relationships and businesses where there is more than one person, as in the case of condominium rules, for example.

Criminal Law

This branch of law regulates the complex system of offences and penalties, which result. Criminal law is closely linked to national public law. 

The sanction, or penalty, regulated by this right is distinguished by the different types of crime, which vary from the criminal offence to the civil and administrative tort.

Environmental Law

Environmental protection is governed by environmental law, which takes place at supranational, national and regional level. 

This branch of law brings together interests and other aspects that are also regulated by other areas of the law. For this reason, it is important to ensure competence and experience in this area.
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